One of Chicago's great young jazz trios, Tricolor's music exists in a constant state of organic duality. Somehow simultaneously playful yet sophisticated, traditional but free, avant while poppy- Tricolor seem to spontaneously infuse all they do with an undeniable freshness & vigor.

Comprised of Tatsu Aoki (Fred Anderson Trio) on bass, Jeff Parker (Tortoise/Isotope/Boxhead) on guitar, and David Pavkovic (T.O.E./Boxhead) on drums, Tricolor has delivered a great second full-length album entitled Nonparticipant+Milk. Recorded live at Chicago's Hothouse, N+M finds them at their elemental best- the telekinetic vibes are flowing more freely than ever. Less composed and much more adventurous than their debut, Mirth+Feckless (which was recorded over a period of two years) , N+M superbly documents Tricolor's uncanny improvisational sense as well as their uniquely tuneful nature.

"Tricolor calls its music 'pop-flavored avant-garde jazz' and though that might set off your oxymoron alarm, the trio does in fact play some of the most exhilarating, least categorizable music you'll hear this year, with catchy melodies and cool, lean solos informed by lessons on the freedom frontier... Lesser players could easily lose focus on such eclectic tunes, but Tricolor combines its wide-open imagination with a fierce exactitude that keeps every detail sharp." -Neil Tesser, The Chicago Reader