Two Brothers

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Two Brothers

Boxhead Ensemble

The Boxhead Ensemble makes a glorious return after nearly a two-year hiatus, under the direction of Michael Krassner (Lofty Pillars); Two Brothers is their most distinctive & compelling album yet. Superbly recorded by Krassner & Joe Ferguson at Truckstop Chicago,Two Brothers is a modern day meditation on 19th century American musics, circa the Civil War era. Highly detailed acoustic instrumentation dominates the aural landscape, propelled by the bountiful talents of Mick Turner & Jim White (The Dirty Three), Ryan Hembrey (Pinetop Seven), Glenn Kotche (Pinetop Seven/Jim O'Rourke), Fred Lonberg-Holm (Terminal 4), Jeff Parker (Tortoise/Isotope/Tricolor), Scott Tuma (Souled American), Jeff Tweedy (Wilco) Jessica Billey (Smog/ Sally Timms/ Lofty Pillars) & Guillermo Gregorio (Unheard Music Series) An extremely inviting haze emanates quietly fromTwo Brothers, drawing you further & further into its sonic web. You'll not find another record remotely like it this year-- or in any other, for that matter. Despite an ever-changing cast of musical talent, The Boxhead Ensemble has evolved into something much greater than it's low key origin as a soundtrack generator for Braden King's Alaskan landscape documentary, Dutch Harbor. After three great releases, a very successful European tour and film screenings around the world, Two Brothers knits another rich, otherworldly tapestry documenting the evolution of The Boxhead Ensemble.