Oslo/Chicago: Breaks

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Oslo/Chicago: Breaks

Powerhouse Sound

(((Powerhouse Sound))) formed in the summer of 2005, originally with Ken Vandermark on tenor sax, Ingebrigt Haker Flaten & Nate Mcbride on basses, Lasse Marhaug on electronics and on drums.
Ken Vandermark composed tracks with the idea of building the music from the perspective of the bass instead of the more conventional approach of composition construction, "from the top down", as he puts it. "The three major influences I considered when putting the music together were the rhythmic ideas of James Brown, the dub ideas of Lee Perry and the collage ideas of Public Enemy."
Their new Chicago-based touring line up, featuring Vandermark, Mcbride, Jeff parker & John herndon (Tortoise, Isotope) will continue to work from these original concepts developed at the band's inception. However, with the obvious shifts in personnel and differences in instrumentation, (((Powerhouse Sound))) is undoubtedly here to test any and all genre "qualifiers" used within the independent music industry today: Witness (((PHS)))'s double-cd debut, Oslo/Chicago: breaks!