Out Trios Volume One: Ranaldo/Miller/Hooker: Monsoon

Out Trios Volume One: Ranaldo/Miller/Hooker: Monsoon

Lee Ranaldo

Atavistic’s Out Trios Series is dedicated exclusively to issuing the most captivating instrumental music available- as deployed within the context, structure & constraints of the trio format. The Series is an open-ended experiment in freedom, interaction & sonic architecture.

The gorgeously powerful debut release in Atavistic's new Out Trios Series features Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth), Roger Miller (Mission Of Burma/Binary System) and NYC free jazz legend William Hooker -summitting at NYC's Knitting Factory.

Massive extraterrestrial waves of sound crest, trough, collide & coalesce- making for some truly exhilarating, interplanetary music. With Ranaldo on guitar, Miller on keys & Hooker behind the kit, the textural essence of each player’s style emerges- creating a simultaneously new, yet familiar listening experience for those previously acquainted.

Monsoon lives up to it’s name: a tsunami has been unleashed by this über power trio, captured live to analog, and mastered by Ace of Hearts label mogul Rick Harte- well regarded for his production expertise. In an effort to capture the essence of his experience in words, Mr. Hooker framed it thusly:

“I feel an integrity, and i have no qualms... I work with what I have.... there are no answers...” - William Hooker